Internet of Things 2017

April 11-12, 2017
Kattilahalli, Helsinki

Welcome to the leading Internet of Things event in the Nordics

We live in the middle of a digital transformation that will affect life, society and economy more than any other technological development before.

Exponentially growing number of sensors and connected devices together with machine learning, artificial intelligence and robotics are drastically changing how people live, work and do business. Everything happens so fast it creates huge challenge and opportunity for all companies irrespective of industry.

IoT will have an irrevocable effect on companies, their competitive landscape, business models, economic environment and leadership. A conscious company does not wait for what is looming in the horizon, but take action today to secure their position tomorrow.

This high-end event for decision makers will focus entirely on how to make business out of Internet of Things, what kind of business models it can generate and what structures should be in place.

IoT is unquestionably one of the hottest strategic topics in the management and board rooms. How can it be utilised for the business and what opportunities can it bring to the table?

At Kattilahalli, Helsinki, you will hear the most objective and accurate predictions on the topic highlighting how to make business out of Internet of Things, what kind of business models it creates and what structures should be in place. The future is made now!

Welcome to get inspired, network and secure your competitive edge for the future.

Your benefits include:

– Find new business opportunities and models
– Build agility and reaction sensitivity into your strategy frames
– Utilise the latest technology trends and innovations
– Avoid the most common mistakes in driving big transitions
– Understand and utilise the drivers behind the digitalisation
– Identify new customer segments- and services
– Meet face-2-face with peers

In search for economic competitiveness and and growth, IoT is one of the urgent question for Finland and the Nordics. IoT can help companies both in increasing their operational efficiency and reducing costs as well as providing sources of organisational growth.

Join, influence and be part of the discussion.

See you in Kattilahalli in April 11th, 2017!


Tuesday 11.4.2017  
07.45   Early registration and breakfast
08.00 BREAKFAST Priority check-in and breakfast
08.30   Start your engines
08.35 Keynote How will IoT change your industry? In what ways can IoT improve efficiency, enable innovation and drive real business transformation?
  Theme IoT transforming businesses: Disrupt or be disrupted!
09.00 Case From product to service transformation: How every business becomes a service business
09.20 Case The Internet of Things & Digital Transformation
Mike Fay, Business Development Manager, Embedded Computing, Dell EMC North Europe


Mike Fay is Business Development Manager for Embedded Computing at Dell OEM Solutions, a specialist division supporting customers to go to market more efficiently by incorporating Dell’s hardware, software and services into their own solutions. A customer champion with over 25-years’ deep tech industry experience, Mike is responsible for leading the strategic implementation of Dell’s embedded business and market strategy across Northern Europe. In 2015, Mike joined Dell from Advanatech where he held a number of senior management positions over a 13-year period, most recently as Sales Manager for Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality, Digital Logistics and Portable Solutions for the Internet of Things, where he successfully led the business to double digit growth, year-on- year.

09.40 Spotlight Actionable tips for how your company can capitalise on the digital revolution and how the value of IoT translates to profit.
09.50 Expert Monetizing the IoT. We will review various monetization models and provide insight into how to maximize the potential of the IoT.
10.05 Case The field for IoT business opportunities has opened – and the winning teams are gearing up
Ari Kuukka, Director, IoT Services, Digita Oy
10.30 BREAK Coffee
  Theme From Internet of Things to Intelligent Things: Robots, autonomous vehicles and drones changing the world and business?
11.00 Case From telematics to autonomous vehicles: Talking openly, car to car.
11.20 Case Drones and the Internet of Things in the cybersecurity equation
11.40 Spotlight Healthcare: Beyond the hype showcasing how IoT technology has revolutionized the healthcare services.
11.50 Spotlight Adaptive manufacturing: Robots and Machine learning in manufacturing to maximize efficiency
12.00 Key Note Smart City, real time analytics and citizent engagement for a better society
12.25 LUNCH  
  IOT in a box The winning formula
13.30 Expert IOT, IPR and legal issues
13.45 Expert Real time analytics
  Theme Industrial IOT: Adaptive and scalable solutions driving profitability
14.00 Case Connecting smart factories around the world and connected industrial workforce
Sami Heino, CEO, Aveso
14.20 Case Optimisation and efficiency of inventory management
14.40 Spotlight Future ready scalable solutions, interoperable platforms generating business value
15.00 Case How blockchain can power the IOT
15.00 BREAK Coffee
  Theme AI and Machine learning: The new era of big data and analytics
15.30 Case Case by Solita: Light in the end of the data tunnel – from big data and data science to artificial intelligence and increased profits
Jarno Kartela, Head of Analytics, Dna Oyj
15.50 Expert Augmented Reality for the Industrial Enterprise in IoT
16.00 Case People-Driven Digital Health
Matti Ristimäki, Head of Wellbeing at Tieto Data-Driven Businesses, Tieto


How to identify innovative opportunities and turn them into sustainable business? In the world of duality it means that we simultaneously need to be extremely productive in traditional businesses and at the same time build new innovations to accelerate the digitalization. These are some of the many areas Matti is working on when driving new innovative services at Tieto. Matti Ristimäki is a business leader with strong technical background, providing strategic business advantage by bridging technology, business strategy and customer related new service concepts in healthcare and public sector.
16.25 Keynote The Genius of Things – Everyday Objects, Exceptional Outcomes
Deon Newman, Chief Marketing Officer, Watson IBM (US)


Deon Newman is Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for IBM Watson Internet of Things. He is responsible for brand strategy, digital transformation and digital marketing.
16.45 Party Cocktails and IoT startup pitching session
Wednesday 12.4.2017  
08.30   Welcome back
08.35 Interview The Internet of Everything: how to connect the missing 99%
  Theme Monetizing IOT: Improving customer experience, efficiency and new revenue opportunities
09.00 Case Translating innovation into IOT. The importance of risk taking.
09.15 Case Healthcare: Why IoT will Be Centre Stage in Digital Health Revolution
09.40 Spotlight Postal and logistic services in a connected world – transforming an industry
09.50 Case Retail: How retail blends physical and digital worlds using the IoT
10.10 BREAK  
  Theme Digital Technology Platforms: Industry Platforms meet the challenges of Digital business
10.40 Case Building IoT driven business development platforms
Tuukka Sarkki, Passionate Director, Future Business Development, Vincit
11.10 Spotlight How can next generation, connected technologies and the data generated enables enterprises to become more sustainable, efficient and revenue generating.
11.20 Case Case Helen – The value of security
Mats Fagerström, Chief Security Officer, Helen
  Theme Putting IOT to work: Service design and continuous innovation
11.40 Spotlight Retail: How does the era of IoT change the relationship between retail stores and their shoppers e.g through Smart mirrors, dressing rooms, supply chain management and individualised marketing.
11.50 Case IoT Discovery
Case by Midagon
12.10 Special Guest: Reducing sea pollution
12.30 LUNCH  
  IOT in a box The winning formula
13.30 Expert Case Maersk: Reducing risk & saving millions
13.45 Expert The future of the workforce – how will digital workforce transform the skills mix and focus of tomorrows staff
  Theme IOT Security: Multilayered security and behaviour analytics
14.00 Keynote How can Blockchain and IoT be mutually beneficial?
14.20 Case Examining Practical Blockchain Uses across Various Industries?
14.40 Spotlight IoT security and the chain of trust
15.00 Expert Behaviour analytics and AI in cybersecurity
15.45 Case The Business of Security in Smart Cities: Public and private sector collaboration
15.20 Panel Creating solutions that prepare for future security threats
16.10 Wrap-up  
16.15 End of Conference  

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Discuss and compare the timely opportunities with your peers.

Meet in an environment ideal for sharing knowledge, resolving issues and forging meaningful professional relationships.


  • 40+ speakers
  • 400+ decision makers and CEO’s
  • Peer small group discussions
  • Ask, influence and challenge
  • Networking
  • Access to all filmed and streamed presentations


  • CEO’s
  • Evangelists
  • Disruptive founders and owners
  • Chief Digital Officers
  • Strategy Directors


  • Be able to re-write or sanity check your strategy
  • Find new business opportunities and models
  • Build agility and reaction sensitivity into your strategy frames
  • Identify new customer segments- and services
  • Meet personally with decision makers and enlarge your network
  • Be on top of the latest technology trends and innovations
  • Avoid the most common mistakes in driving big transitions


  • Learn from industries where disruption already happened
  • Know what should be on your 2-3 years business and tech radar
  • How do you strategise for the digital business future
  • Get the frame work for mapping trends to your advantage
  • Master the digital realities transforming market boundaries


  • Hear about the results from the first fore runners
  • Know what needs to be in place for the turn ahead
  • Understand and utilize the drivers behind the digitalization
  • Learn how IOT can affect your revenue mix and grow it
  • Grow your market share by smarter and new offerings
  • Get the full scope and speed of the future business climate



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